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Client Progress and Testimonials 

Thanks for coming here to check out the work done by some of the amazing people this career has introduced me too. You too can make progress like them and have similar shared training experiences!

Ashley (5 Month Progress)


Jehan (3 Month Progress)

Ivy (1 Month Progress)

Stephanie  (1 Month Progress)



"The virtual training has been so helpful given my lifestyle this year and I truly appreciate your flexibility with training in different gyms from a distance! I was worried about my back pain and hurting it even more but I very much appreciate how Alyssa finds workouts that help prevent injury and further strengthen my back and core. I also appreciate her tips for stretching and release with the pressure point balls! Specific workouts help make my core stronger. Alyssa always checks in while working out and if I get pain, she has me stretch it out right away or the workouts are adjusted. This helps me stay motivated instead of backing out from pain!!I really appreciate the help with the breakdown of food and meal plans! I also enjoy her training style for workouts. Gradual challenges which keep me in engaged to keep on going!"

Ivy and Andrew

"What you are doing is phenomenal! Alyssa's encouragement, patience, and enthusiasm really helps us get through each session. I was scared. I did not know where to start or how. I didn’t know of I could fully commit. Alyssa’s patience, encouragement, and willingness to help really drove us to keep on going. Every time she trained us, you could really tell how genuinely she wanted to help us. My biggest goal was feeling energized. That was a big deal for me. As we kept on going, I could really see results fast! Thank you Alyssa, from the bottom of our hearts, you literally saved our lives!" 


"I appreciate Alyssa's enthusiasm in our communications and during our workouts. I feel supported and sincerity in our interactions. When I started I was too out-of-shape to get started, Too afraid to fail to even try, and too busy to start. Alyssa helped me feel the value of commitment to myself. She listened to my insecurities without judgement and encouraged me to go forward despite my self doubt. She helped me recognize that the people and things I previously thought to be obstacles are actually part of my reason for going forward. I’ve lost several pounds but more importantly, I’ve gained courage, mental and physical strength and found a drive inside myself that I haven’t seen in a very long time."


"When I started, most of my reservations came from embarrassment of being so out of shape, as well as whether I was mentally ready to put in the work. By Alyssa being so open, friendly, and informative it has helped me not feel so embarrassed and is helping me establish a solid foundation to grow on. My top goal was to lift more weight than I previously could. After a month, I have noticed a difference in energy and daily activity. No longer am I struggling to fall asleep and wake up. And I am able to take the stairs without getting out of breathe. I was initially intimidated by personal training, but with Alyssa’s help, I honestly believe my goal of becoming healthy is achievable. She is a great trainer and knows how to spot when something isn’t working and when you need a little bit of a push."


"I hadn't tried virtual training before and didn't know Alyssa beforehand so the trust wasn't completely there however, that quickly changed after our first couple of sessions! Initially,  I was worried about my consistency and flexibility on the workout schedules. I had given an approximate timeframe on when I can make the schedule work and I feel that the times have been completely respected (Ex: not too early in the mornings for me and not too late in the mornings either so I can start work). Our workouts are and feel very pregnancy safe so I feel like Alyssa has been very accommodating to what I can do at this time and looks out for my safety as well! She has made it easy it was to adjust trainings according to my restrictions or accommodations. I'm currently pregnant and about to approach my third trimester and have gotten increasingly uncomfortable in our last couple of sessions. Alyssa and I initially were splitting workouts by doing upper body vs lower body days, but she's been great at adjusting the workouts based on what is best for my body that week and is always open to suggestions! It makes me feel like I am in in good hands because she isn't using a "one size fits all" approach. I feel accomplished as I am moving my body when I otherwise wouldn't on my own. Helping me control my pregnancy weight gain. Lastly, I feel mentally better after each session knowing that I did something good for my body that day." 


"Alyssa - keeping doing you! You are a very attentive trainer. Keep texting and emailing progress. I thought I was going to get too skinny. But turns out, I just needed to listen to someone else and I am satisfied! You helped me because you gave me reassurance. Even when I was feeling down you helped me understand the ups and downs of training. My top two goals of course were to lose fat and to gain leg muscle. 

Achievements were most definitely being able to push/pull more weight. I also achieved more leg muscle which is what I wanted." 


Thank you! 

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