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About Alyssa

First off,

If you’re here and reading this, thanks so much for your support and following along with my training and possibly yours too! 

My name is Alyssa Terrazas and I am a fitness entrepreneur. I have three fur babies: Chance, Thumper, and Phoenix. I love to travel, try new foods, and explore the outdoors. Growing up, I wouldn't say I was the most athletic. I didn't show much interest in sports or exercise until I participated in mixed martial arts in middle school. I stayed pretty active throughout high school with swim team but felt a loss of identity once I graduated. I went into college truly struggling with self confidence and finding an appropriate outlet. Once I discovered strength training, I never looked back. Weight lifting and exercise has truly changed my life for the better, physically and mentally. Today, I am the most confident and happy I have ever been in my own skin. I want to inspire you and others to have greater health and longevity while becoming your most confident, secure self too. I am very grateful to have to opportunity to work with you in your own journey! Please feel free to reach out to me, I am here to help. 

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